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Frequently asked questions:

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What program are you using to make that awesome animation?

I use “ToonBoom Animate” to animate and ink and paint my work. I paint the backgrounds in various paint programs.

Can you make a tutorial on how you animate these?

All in good time my pretties. Right now I'm enjoying animating and plan to start animating more often. But when I get a chance I would love to do a tutorial.

I would love to lend my voice to one of your characters. How can I audition?

We’re always keeping an ear out for specific voices depending on the character we’re animating. Subscribe to the Stodoe Studios Newsletter to get up to date casting needs for our shorts. Also keep checking our site for announcements and job postings. You can also contact us by email where you can submit a link to your resume and demo reel for us to review.

Can I dub your cartoon in a different language and post it on my own YouTube channel?

Although it’s extremely flattering that people out there want to translate our shorts to other languages and share it with the world, at this time we don’t have a way of keeping track of who is doing it legitimately and who is stealing our work and uploading it as their own.  As Stodoe Studios progresses we will definitely be looking for people to dub our shorts in other languages so that people all around the world can enjoy them.  But for the time being we respectfully ask that you don’t upload

our videos to your own channels.  If you do come across someone that has reposted our videos we would love to know about it and will make sure you remain anonymous.